Peep Show Rehab Post #2

Agility, Canine Rehab

Day 25 out of 90 in shoulder hobbles. At least I can take them off and put them on easily during our therapy sessions at 4Paws Rehabilition & Wellness Clinic; practice makes perfect! Keeping Peep entertained during his crate/x-pen rest…

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Dog Training is Life Skillz


My dogs love me, they do agility because I ask them to, but they would be just as happy going for a walk or chasing Frisbees. It has always been hard for me to keep a neutral perspective with dog…

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Dog training in Tucson AZ

Goals vs Life

Agility, Mental Management

I am mightily trying to revamp my agility goals. The biggest question that pops into my mind is how agility fits into my life mission. Agility is important to me, but it can’t be as important as the bigger things…

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Handling the Path

Agility, USDAA

As published on My students and I recently discussed how important it is to watch your dog vs. figuring out where you need to be as a handler. I am not going to tell you not to watch your…

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