Our Tucson Dog Training Team

Daniel Young

Daniel’s love for animals started as a small child watching Crocodile Hunter. His love for dogs started when he got his first dog: a yellow labrador named Winston. Since then, Daniel has always found the most enjoyment in finding a deeper understanding of animals, and how they behave. While attending University of Arizona, Daniel studied animal behavior and community ecology, and completed his degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During this time, he worked as a dog trainer for 5 years, where he utilized his research to assist owner’s with their dogs. Following graduation, Daniel spent 3 years teaching high school Chemistry and Ecology.

Daniel (and his red heeler Jojo) is more than excited to be back in the dog training world! He shares a love for animals and learning that is infectious. Dogs remind us everyday that there is something new to learn from our furry friends! Daniel is an AKC CGC evaluator.



Gail Todd

Gail Todd has been an agility competitor for 25 years and an instructor for almost as long. She has enjoyed competing with her herding breeds and her miniature schnauzers throughout the years. Her first agility dog was a shelter rescue that steered her into the world of canine behavior, positive reinforcement, and many seminars. Gail enjoys teaching people how to communicate with their dogs, strengthening the relationship, and building a solid foundation for the sport of agility. She works with teams from FunGility to the Master’s level. Connecting on the dog’s level and perspective is a key component of her lessons. Our animals have much to teach us if we listen.


Nicole Smith

Nicole became a dog trainer because of her deep love for dogs and a commitment to improving the lives of both pets and their owners. She is passionate about helping dogs overcome behavioral challenges and fostering a strong, positive bond between them and their owners. Through positive reinforcement training, Nicole aim’s to create happier, more harmonious households and contribute to the well-being of both dogs and their families.

Discovering a passion for dog sports has been incredibly fulfilling for Nicole and her dogs. Engaging in activities like agility, obedience rally, and scent work, has not only deepened her bond with her dogs but also provided them with thrilling challenges and achievements. Nicole is an AKC CGC Evaluator and Fit Dog Instructor as well as having completed the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Foundations and the Michael Shikashio Aggression in Dogs Course.


Rebecca Jernigan

Rebecca is an avid member of the agility community and strong believer in the benefits of fitness and training for our pets’ health and wellness. Her methods focus on choice-based reinforcement and growing foundational skills in the sport. As a competitor in the sport, Rebecca has served on the junior world team (USA) at the European Open for Juniors (2015) and has been named to the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) Hall of Fame (2022) for her work in establishing the Intercollegiate Dog Agility Association. 

Rebecca holds a PhD in biochemistry and is currently attending the University of Arizona college of Veterinary Medicine.