Peep Show Rehab Post #2

Day 25 out of 90 in shoulder hobbles. At least I can take them off and put them on easily during our therapy sessions at 4Paws Rehabilition & Wellness Clinic; practice makes perfect!

Keeping Peep entertained during his crate/x-pen rest has been challenging. I purchased a few commercial treat dispenser toys and I have a lot of bully sticks on hand but Peep’s favorite puzzles are the cardboard box/paper/toilet paper tube/egg cartons that are filled with treats. These consist of things from your recycle bin so they are cheap and readily available and easy to dispose of after they are destroyed. To make one, I put a few treats in some pieces of paper, crumple them up and throw them in a cardboard box and close the flaps. Peep was hesitant at first but now he dives right in, tearing, shredding, finding all the treats and making a wonderful mess. He really likes the twisted up paper tubes as well. I gradually make these puzzles harder by closing things up tighter or bunching more things together.

Peep has also started to learn scent work. He loves to use his nose and has taken to it quickly. I use a really small area and do everything on leash so that he can’t hurt himself.

I know Peep gets frustrated being kenneled so much, he has torn up multiple stuffed toys and barks when I go to work the other dogs. By giving him special training time as well as treat puzzles, he works through some of his frustration in a positive way.

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