Do It Right

This week in agility class I jokingly told someone to just “do it right”. We had a good chuckle, and I didn’t really mean it, but it sure slides off the tongue easily!


Actionable tag points are always better than “do it right”. Face the windows when you pivot, or turn your hand upside down when you treat are specific statements that a human can focus on doing when working their dog.


I do enjoy watching students when they “do it right” and they are successful with their dog. It’s the best part of my job! As an instructor, my part of the deal is to focus on something the client can do to change what is happening. The student then has to “do it right”, which is tough! 


When you are learning a new mechanical skill, or working on your timing, “doing it right” may take many repetitions! Some of those reps might be failures! This is all ok, it’s part of the process and part of the journey!


At Journey Agility, we help humans and dogs learn to “do it right” in small, practical steps. We want everyone to succeed, especially the dog!

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